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Charcuterie - Boards for one, or to share

Ready to go beyond the classic cheese plate?

Maybe now is the time to step things up a little with a fabulous and stunning charcuterie board!

What’s a charcuterie board you ask?
A charcuterie board is the cured meat version of the cheese plate and we believe every party should have one!

Food in Westbourne Blog.
What kind of restaurant are you looking for in the Westbourne area? Renoufs Cheese and Wine Restaurant in Westbourne, Bournemouth, is a new stylish Wine Bar.  In Westbourne there are few restaurants that sell Cheese and Wine. Piggies is based on Poole road and offers sandwiches and cake. Opposite also in Poole Road, Westbourne is Geneve. They sell burgers and coffee but is not an American Diner. Pizza Pino in Westbourne also sell take away burgers, chicken, kebabs and pizza. I'm not sure if it's a restaurant. The Porterhouse is a popular bar in Westbourne and sells Ringwood Ales.  Further down the road, there are pizza eateries, starting with Pizza Express and opposite is Fratelli La Bufala. They offer pizza and other Italian dishes. Renoufs restaurant is a little further into Westbourne.  Next door to the Italian Restaurant is Starbucks coffee house. They don't sell Hot Dogs. Next on the high street is a Greek tavern restaurant, shortly followed by Subway. They sell sandwiches. Next to that is a patisserie which offers take away or eat in cakes. There is a small café further down Poole road that sell Mexican and Turkish food. This Is also a takeaway. Cusina is a little further down on the left. They offer Coffee and cold food. Next to them is another patisserie called Le Petite Prince.
The coffee club café sit on the corner of poole road and the rock restaurant is opposite. I don't know if they sell burgers or hotdogs like Renoufs.
The village bistro is at the end of the high street and opposite the Westbourne Pub.
Coming back to Seymour Road, there are more restaurants and takeaways. Indis, is an indian restaurant and it is opposite Chez Fred, the very popular fish and chip shop.
Zoukinis is a greek restaurant I think which is opposite the Tea Rooms. Fresco Juice bar and café is a little further along. You also have Westbourne Tandoori. Eau de Vie is next to the Hogs Head Pub. Café Rouge and Costa Coffee complete the circuit of Westbourne.
Renoufs is the newest cocktail bar and hot dog eatery in Westbourne, Bournemouth.

Amazing Charcuterie Boards

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Our Charcuterie Boards are decorated with a selection of local and international cured meats from around the globe, including Air Dried Ham, Air Dried Beef, Serrano Gran Reserva, Coppa, Lomo, Proscuitto, Pancetta, Salami and Chorizo.

We also like to add something pickled, a little fruit and freshly baked bread and select crackers to your board.

Check out our blackboards for our daily Charcuterie Board.

Seriously, it’s hands-down the easiest and most impressive appetizer for any get-together.

It's also an easy and simple light dinner or snack when you're not really feeling up to a full blown 3 course meal.